Enjoying Movies Again

Enjoying Movies Again

Top 3 Reasons To Hold A Corporate Party

Jessie Boyd

Do you own your own company? Are you trying to build a feeling of community and togetherness between your employees? Instead of hosting an ordinary team-building event, here are some reasons to consider hosting a party:

Employee birthday parties: Depending on how many employees you have, you may want to consider having monthly birthday parties. While it's common for offices to have informal break room parties, take your office parties to the next level. Make a list of all the birthday party places in your area and take your employees to a different one every month.

Depending on the type of work you do, you can schedule the birthday parties during work, giving everyone the day off. Or you could always hold the parties on a day you'd normally be closed, like the first Saturday of every month. Every employee who has a birthday that month should get a little present, even if it's simply a small gift card to a local store.

Even if some of the birthday party places in your area are for kids, don't eliminate them from your list of locations. Having a birthday party there will allow your employees to feel like kids again.

Just because parties: If you have too many employees to take to any of the birthday party places in your area, consider having a just because party. Just because corporate parties can celebrate many things, such as being open for another year or having made it out of the busy season alive. Whatever the reason, hosting a yearly corporate party means renting out an entire party venue for the day.

In order to build camaraderie among your employees, have games for them to play and prizes for them to win. These prizes can be anything from small knick-knacks to an extra day off, with or without pay.

Meet your clients: If your company mainly interacts with clients over the phone, it can be difficult to think of them as ordinary people. In order to promote a feeling of community between your customers and your employees, consider hosting a party that your clients are invited to. Whether you want to have this as an ordinary corporate party or give it a more festive and playful atmosphere is up to you.

Before booking a venue, make sure you decide whether it's to be open invitation or only to select members of your client base. This will allow you to decide what size venue you need, in order to fit everyone who wants to come. Contact a professional if you are looking for birthday places in your area.


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