Enjoying Movies Again

Enjoying Movies Again

Novel Things To Do While Vacationing

Jessie Boyd

Are you and your family planning a summer vacation? Are you going to be traveling to another city, but you're running out of things to do when you get there? Here are some ideas to help you make the most out of your vacation time:

Sign up for a crafting class or workshop: If you are vacationing somewhere iconic, like Hawaii, search for a class in the area that will teach you how to make a local craft.

If you are in Hawaii, you might find a class to teach you how to make traditional leis or grass skirts. If you are vacationing in Georgia, you might look for a class that will teach you how to make an authentic Georgia peach pie. Workshops that focus on just one thing typically only last a few hours, leaving you plenty of time for other things to do. When you get home, you'll have something better than a simple souvenir to show your friends and family.

Have a barbecue or picnic: Who says that you are only allowed to have a picnic in your home city? Instead of having lunch in an expensive restaurant or at an ordinary fast food place, set aside time to have a picnic or a barbecue in the local park.

Your kids will get to run around and work off some of the energy they might have from visiting historic sights and you and your spouse will still be able to enjoy the local ambiance. If you choose a park near a local landmark, you'll also be able to get some wonderful pictures for your scrapbook. Some cities may prohibit barbecues in certain parks, so make sure you check local ordinances before you make any set plans.

Make a silly video: Take advantage of the fact that you're in a new city to make a silly video that documents your vacation. Since you're not going to run into anyone you know, you can be as silly as you want, as long as it's legal.

You can have everyone dress up in silly hats and pretend to be local historical figures. You could also compose lyrics about the places you visit and set it to your family's favorite song. Every time you visit a new tourist attraction, you and your family can sing another line of your song. Once you get back home, you can edit everything together into one video for you all to enjoy.

When visiting a new place, you can look for things to do suggested on city websites and local venues. You will never need to worry about being bored if you keep an open mind. 


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