Enjoying Movies Again

Enjoying Movies Again

3 Fun Balloon Centerpiece Ideas

Jessie Boyd

If you are in charge of creating the centerpieces for some type of party or other big event, then you should consider using balloons to make these centerpieces. Balloons can be created to look several different ways and they are often quite affordable to purchase in large amounts. This article will discuss 3 fun ideas for centerpieces that you can create using balloons. 

Helium Balloon Bundle

A great balloon centerpiece for almost any party or event is a bundle of helium balloons. You can choose to use as many or as few balloons as you would like, depending on how large you would like the bundle to be. You can also incorporate themed balloons into the bundle, such as an "It's a Boy" balloon with a baby boy on it if it is for a baby shower. The helium will keep the balloons afloat for the duration of the party and you can have the strings of the balloons tied to some type of decorated anchor on the table.

Balloon Flowers In A Jar

If you are hosting a party that will mostly have females in attendance, then you can create a feminine balloon centerpiece of balloon flowers. You can have the balloon flowers created for you in a variety of colors, or if you know how, you can twist and combine a variety of long, thin balloons into flowers yourself. You will then place your balloon bouquet of flowers into a large mason jar and arrange them like you would a bouquet of real flowers. To add another fun touch you can place colored yarn at the top of the jar and tie it into a bow. 

Bucket Filled With Colored, Long Balloons

If you are hosting a kid's party, then you can have a lot of fun with your balloon centerpiece. Instead of simply focusing on a balloon centerpiece that looks great, you can instead make one that is fun for the kids. Find a large tin bucket and spray paint it to match the party colors. Then fill this tin bucket with long, thin balloons in a variety of colors. As the children are sitting at the tables eating their food or playing, you can have multiple people dressed as clowns come around and create animals, hats, and other fun shapes out of the balloons. The kids will love this and it helps create a functional centerpiece.

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