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3 Awesome Decorations That You Can Create Using Balloons

Jessie Boyd

If you are getting ready for some type of big event and are in charge of the decorations, then you honestly can't go wrong with balloons. There are so many incredible things that you can make out of balloons for a variety of events. Also, balloons are a much more affordable option than some decorations, and if you hire someone to create the decorations for you, the options are almost endless. This article will discuss 3 awesome decorations that you can create using balloons. 

A Balloon Arch

A super fun thing that you can make out of balloons that works for almost any type of event is a balloon arch. You can make this arch as big or as small as you would like, depending on how many balloons you use to create it. You can also add different levels of detail by using balloons of different sizes, colors, shapes, etc. An arch is the perfect backdrop for pictures, to go over a food table, to stand in front of for a wedding reception, or pretty much whatever you can think of. You can also have some more fun with balloons by adding some balloon pillars to go along with your large balloon arch. To make this arch, you will want to purchase a pre-made, thin plastic arch and then you can simply thread the bottom portion of each tied balloon onto the arch until it is completely full. 

A Balloon Chandelier

If you want something big and fun to capture the attention of your guests and really take your decor up a notch, then you can create a balloon chandelier. This can hang from the center of the room and can be created to look like a real chandelier. To hang the chandelier from the ceiling, you can use clear strings that are strong enough to hold the weight of the collective balloons, but are clear in color so that they aren't easily seen. To make the chandelier itself, you will also tie balloons from clear strings to create different balloon "lights" at different levels. Coming out from the sides of the chandelier, you can also string balloons clear across the ceiling to give it more of a complete effect. 

Balloon Figurines

Balloons can honestly be used to create almost anything. One fun thing that can be created using balloons of different sizes, shapes, and colors are balloon figurines. For example, if you are throwing your son a birthday party and he really loves lions, you can have a life-size lion created entirely out of balloons. While you may need to hire a professional to create these balloon figurines for you, it is more than worth it for the amazing things that they will be able to create. However, if you want to give a go at creating the figurines yourself, you can first create the figure out of a thin wire and then thread balloons to cover the entire figurine. Click here for more info on balloon decorations.


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