Enjoying Movies Again

Enjoying Movies Again

Need A Low-Cost Small Business Idea? Creative Ideas To Feed Your Inner Entrepreneur

Jessie Boyd

Building a successful small business is one of the best ways to become your own boss and permanently escape the daily grind of being someone else's employee. But the cost of renting or buying a business location, buying materials and machinery and meeting a payroll can seem like obstacles that are too big to overcome, leaving many would-be entrepreneurs unable to move forward and develop their business ideas. A few will choose to take on debt or form partnerships in order to pursue their dream, but these methods create a risky environment that could prevent future success. If you are feeling the urge to start a small business and want to start small with little risk or debt, consider trying one or more of the following creative small business ideas.  

Pursue a small business idea that eliminates the need for a physical location

Small businesses that require a physical location to entertain customers and clients must be able to afford substantial costs, such as the following:

  • rental or leasing fees
  • property taxes
  • insurance, including fire, hazard, liability, etc.
  • utilities and maintenance

Businesses that are structured to eliminate the need for a physical location can keep overhead costs at a minimal level and become profitable much more quickly. Some potentially profitable small business ideas that do not require a physical location include these:

  • online businesses, such as freelance writing, web design or online tutoring
  • small service businesses, such as pressure washing, residential cleaning, painting or lawn care
  • reselling clothing and items online or through booths, flea markets or consignment shops

Storage of merchandise, equipment and supplies for these types of businesses can often be tucked into your current home's basement or garage. If you live in an apartment, small home or an area where restrictions prevent you from keeping these items in your home, a nearby self storage unit can be a convenient substitute.

Develop a niche that works

Another great idea for building a successful business is to determine a need or niche in your community that is not being filled and gear your business idea to fill the need. If you currently live in a small town, rural area or subdivision setting, opting to develop an entertainment-type business is a great idea. Good examples are purchasing a dunk tank, bounce house or other items that you can operate or rent out for parties, fund raisers, family reunions and community celebrations. In most cases, dunk tanks for sale and other entertainment items are affordable to purchase, require little maintenance and can be pulled or hauled to the location where they will be used with most passenger cars or light duty trucks.


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