Enjoying Movies Again

Enjoying Movies Again

3 Gifts That Are Perfect For The Wine Lover In Your Life

Jessie Boyd

Do you have a wine lover in your life who you need to get a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift for? If you aren't much of a wine connoisseur yourself, you probably have no idea where to even begin shopping for your friend. So, here are a three fantastic ideas of wine-related gifts that any wine aficionado will be thankful for:

Digital Wine Thermometer

All wine lovers like to keep their wine at the perfect temperature, especially when it is out of the cooler and they're drinking it. After all, nothing is worse than a hot glass of wine. However, how do you know when it has become too hot from sitting out? Or if you've been chilling a warm bottle of wine, how do you know whether it has reached an adequate temperature for drinking without popping the cork and tasting it? Well, all you need is a digital wine thermometer. The best of these will actually slip right around the exterior of the wine bottle and produce a digital reading within mere minutes.

Instant Wine Chiller

For those who don't want to have to mess with chilling a bottle of wine before drinking, you may want to consider gifting them an instant wine chiller. It is basically a portable wine cooler that takes room temperature wine and cools it to a temperature that you would expect from a cellar within just seconds. All you need to do is insert the device into the neck of your wine bottle and pour the wine into wine glasses. There is a frozen inner tube inside the device, which cools the wine as it moves through. The instant wine chiller needs to be stored in your freezer when it is not being used.

Funny Wine Glasses

While everyone needs a fancy set of wine glasses for serving, it doesn't hurt to have some funny ones in the cabinet as well for those bad, need a pick-me-up days. These wine glass designs come in a numerous forms, such as a wine bottle with a wine glass on the top so that you can "drink directly from the bottle". Alternatively, there are glasses with funny sayings on them. A popular one is a wine glass that has three different line measurements on it that reveal how good or bad of a day you had based on how much wine is in the glass. You can even find some wine glasses with chalkboard bottoms so that you can write your own messages. Visit a business, such as Two Drunk Ladies, for more information.   


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